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Living in Shanghai

From dark, winding alleys in the old French Concession to brand new skyscrapers packed with Starbucks coffee shops and the latest luxury brands, Shanghai is a city of paradoxes, a city of fast change and growth, and a city welcoming of people from all around the world.

We’ve put together a few guides to help you navigate your way in Shanghai. Find the right Shanghai apartment, international grocery store or direct organic farm website, international clinic, nanny, and even a kid-friendly restaurant to take the family on the weekend!

expats housing, apartment renting in Shanghai


Shanghai is a diverse city, and the neighborhood you choose to live in will define a good part of your experience. We’ve put together a guide to major villa and apartment complexes around Shanghai.

Shanghai Transportation guide


Figure out how to navigate the metro, book a taxi, or set yourself up with a car and driver.

shopping venues for expats

Grocery Shopping 

Join the scrum at your local wet market, or head for the nearest international supermarket for peace of mind. We've got your shopping info here, including the latest online, direct-from-farm and organic grocery information.

family entertainment in Shanghai


Shanghai is loaded with activities and interesting places for the whole family. Check out our list of outdoor activities and things to see and do around town!

housekeeping, home help, house services

Home Help 

Having someone to help cook, clean and watch after the kids is an option many expats appreciate in Shanghai. We have some tips and information to help you make the right choices.

healthcare, hospitals and clinic in Shanghai


Shanghai has excellent medical facilities, and many health providers accept direct payment from major international insurance companies. Insurance is also available for worldwide coverage through a number of reputable brokers.

Shanghai Religious Services, religious communities, church location

Religious Services 

Shanghai has many religious and spiritual communities throughout the city, and in different languages. Check our listings for religious services in Shanghai.


What's Around?

Check out our map of Shanghai including all schools of our Directory.