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Shanghai not only is a city of diverse businesses ranging from local owned companies to multinational Fortune 500 companies but also is a city of multifarious religious groups. The diverse choices in religious options include Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Islamism, various forms of Christianity, and many more. There are numerous options catered towards different types of people including formal church gatherings, guest lecturers, and even like-minded group meetings. Some noteworthy temples include the City God Temple (at the heart of the old city), Longhua Temple (built in the Three Kingdoms period), Jade Buddha Temple (famous Buddha carving), and St. Ignatius Cathedral (one of the largest catholic churches in Shanghai). 


Moore Memorial Church (Mu En Tang)
Hours: Sun 07:30, 09:00, 14:00, and 19:00
Location: 316, Xizang zhong Rd, close to Hankou Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: People's Square Station of Metro Line1/Line2/Line8.
Tel: 021-63225069.



Youag John Allen Memorial Church (Jing Ling Tang)
Location: 135, Kunshan Rd, close to Wusong Rd, Hongkou District
Transportation: Long walk from Baoshan Rd Station of Metro Line3/Line4.
Tel: 021-63243021, 63642629


Grace Church (Huai En Tang)
Shanghai Grace is a Christian church holding masses in both English and Chinese. 
Location: 375, Shanxi Rd N., close to Beijing Rd W. Jing'an District
Transportation: 10 minutes' walk from West Nanjing Rd Station of Metro Line2.
Tel: 021-62539394, 62585598.


Abundant Grace Church (Hong En Tang)
Abundant Grace International Fellowship is also known as the English Service of Hong En Church.
Services are Sundays at 15:00.
Location: 455, Hongfeng Rd, close to Mingyue Rd, Pudong New District
Tel: 021-50307556.


All Saints Church (Zhu Sheng Tang) (Methodist)
Location: 425, Fuxingzhong Rd, close to Danshui Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: Long walk from Huangpizhong Rd Station of Metro Line1.
Tel: 021-63850906.



St. Joseph's Church (Sheng Ruo Se Tang) 
St. Joseph's Church (Huang Pu) is an English speaking Roman Catholic Parish. 
Location: 36, Sichuan Rd S., close to Jinling Rd E, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63280293.


St. Joseph's Church (Sheng Ruo Se Tang) (Pu Dong)
Location: 660, Pudong Ave, close to Fushan Rd, Minhang District
Tel: 021-58769532.


St. Francis Xavier Church (Sheng Fang Ji Ge Sha Wu Lue Tang)
English Mass Time: Monday at 07:00, Tuesday-Friday at 12:30, Saturday at 17:00 and Sunday at 10:30 and 12:30
Location: 185, Dongjiadu Rd, close to Wanyu Street, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63787214.


St.Peter's Church (Sheng Bo Duo Lu Tang)
English, Korean, French, and German Masses are available.
Open: 08:30-20:30
English Masses: Sat 17:00, Sun 12:00
Location: 270, Chongqing Road S., close to Fuxing zhong Rd, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-64670198, 67678181


Christ the King Church (Jun Wang Tang)
Christ the King Church is an English-speaking foreign Catholic church. 
Location: 361, Julu Rd, close to Maoming Rd S. Huangpu District.
Tel: 021-62178107


Church of Assumption (Sheng Mu Sheng Tian Tang)
Location: 50, South Street, close to Baonan Rd, Qibao Town, Minhang District
Tel: 021-64799317


Basilica of Our Lady of Sheshan (She Shan Jin Jiao Zhi You Sheng Mu Da Dian)
Location: The top of West Sheshan Hill, Songjiang District
Transportation: Tourism Route 1A, Shanghai Stadium Station of Metro Line1/Line4.
Tel: 021-57651521.


St.Ignatius Cathedral (Xu Jia Hui Tian Zhu Tang)
Location: 158, Puxi Rd, close to North Caoxi Rd, Xuhui District 
Transportation: Xujiahui Station of Metro Line1.
Tel: 021-64690930.



Shanghai Community Church (Guo Ji Li Bai Tang)
Shanghai Community Church is the largest Christian Church in Shanghai. SCF is an international church serving the international community in the heart of Shanghai, China.
Location: 53, Hengshan Rd, close to Wulumuqi Rd S, Xuhui District 
Transportation: Hengshan Rd Station of Metro Line1. 
Tel: 021-64376576



Shanghai Jewish Centre
Shang-Mira Garden Villa #1
1720 Hong Qiao Road
Tel: 21-62780225


B'nai Yisrael
1277 Beijing Rd 19th floor
Tel: 21-62899903



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (
Puxi Branch
1720 Hong Qiao Road,
House #7 Shang Mira Garden 
Tel: 5257-0256


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (
Pudong Branch
The Emerald Forest #41 
The Emerald

2888 Hu Nan Road 
Kang Qiao Area. 

Tel: 1331-185-2233



Shanghai Songjiang Mosque
Location: 43 Middle Part of Middle Mountain Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai. 


Shanghai Xiaotaoyuan Mosque
The Xiaotaoyuan Mosque is the largest mosque in the city.
Location: 52 Xiaotaoyuan Street, Nanshi District, Shanghai


Shanghai Huxi Mosque
Location: 3 Lane, 1328 Changde Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


Shanghai Pudong Mosque
Location: 375 Yuansheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai


Shanghai Fuyou Road Mosque
Location: 378 Fuyou Road, Shanghai 



Pure Heart Church (Qing Xin Tang)
Location: 30, Dachang Street, close to Lujiabang Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: 15 minutes' walk from Nanpu Bridge Station of Metro Line4.
Tel: 021-63770874.


Hongkou Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Hong Kou Ye Su Sheng Xin Tang)
Location: 264, Nanxun Rd, close to Tanggu Rd, Hongkou District
Tel: 021-63250524, 63831790.


Zhangjialou Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Zhang Jia Lou Ye Su Sheng Xin Tang)
Location: 151, Hongfeng Rd, Pudong New District
Tel: 021-58546628


St.Teresa's Church (Sheng Nv Xiao De Lei Sa Tang)
Location: 370, Datian Rd, close to Shanhaiguan Rd, Jing'an District
Transportation: Long walk from West Nanjing Rd Station of Metro Line 2.
Tel: 021-62539359.


Hu Xi Community Church (Hu Xi Li Bai Tang)
Location: 1465, Changning Rd, close to Zunyi Rd, Changning District
Transportation: Zhongshan Park Station of Metro Line2/Line3/Line4.
Tel: 021-62597389, 62736323.


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Wu Yuan Zui Shi Tai Sheng Mu Tang)
Location: 98, Zunyi Rd S., close to Xianxia Rd, Changning District
Transportation: Long walk from Loushanguan Rd Station of Metro Line2.
Tel: 021-62598296


Our Lady Queen of Peace Church (He Ping Zhi Hou Sheng Mu Tang)
Location: 692, Huimin Rd, close to Fenzhou Rd, Yangpu District
Tel: 021-63280293


Our Lady of Victories Church (Sheng Li Zhi Hou Sheng Mu Tang)
Location: 289, Yuyingtang Rd, close to Zhongxing Rd, Zhabei District
Transportation: Zhongxing Rd Station of Metro Line 8.
Tel: 021-56624172


Zhabei Church
Location: 340, Baotong Rd, Zhabei District
Transportation: Take bus 66 or Metro Line 2.
Mass Time: Sunday at 07:30, 09:30, 19:00
Tel: 021-56629409


Qiujiawan Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (QiuJia Wan Ye Su Sheng Xin Tang)
Location:10, Fangta North Rd, Songjiang District
Transportation:Take bus Songtingshi Special Line, Songwei Special Line, Songqing Special Line, Songlong Special Line or Qingsong Special Line, get off at Fangta North Rd Circle City Rd.
Mass Time:Weekdays at 07:00; Lord's Days at 08:00
Tel: 021-57836039


Church of Ascension (Ye Su Sheng Tian Tang)
Location: 27, Lane 317, Caohe Street, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District
Transportation: Shang Zhu Express bus, Pu'an Rd Station, close to Yan' an Zhong Rd. Or Tourism Route 4, Shanghai Stadium Station of Metro Line1/Line4
Tel: 021-59240877


Gongbaoqiao Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Ye Su Sheng Xin Tang)
Location:99, Zhongxiatang Street,Jiading District
Mass Schedule: Sunday 07:30 (Chinese), 10:30 (English), Saturday 17:00 (English), Monday to Saturday 07:00 (Chinese)
Tel: 021-59533330

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