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WISS is proud to be part of the GAIL group

by Fiona Collins, Head Librarian and Deputy Principal, Western International School of Shanghai of  The Western International School of Shanghai

More opportunities for staff and students with partner schools around the world

WISS is proud to be part of the GAIL group

WISS is excited to be part of the Global Alliance for Innovative Learning (GAIL) group.  GAIL is currently comprised of seven schools from five continents across the world.  Being a part of GAIL will lead to exciting collaboration opportunities for students and staff.  This will include interactive classrooms activities, student exchanges, research fellowships, and the annual GAIL convention.


The interactive classroom element will allow WISS students at all levels to become more internationally minded as they collaborate with other GAIL schools through shared units, thereby not only developing their understanding of the relevant IB programs of education but adding in an element of international understanding.


Student exchanges will offer upper Middle School students the opportunity to experience life at one of the GAIL schools for an extended period of time, and allow students from one of our partner schools to receive a WISS education for part of a semester. Our partner schools in Australia, New Zealand, India and the USA already have experience of how this exciting opportunity can make a huge difference to a student’s life.


For staff, the research fellowship provides a unique opportunity to dedicate time to research an issue close to their hearts to improve their educational practice.  To date these fellowships have focused on educational coaching, STEM and the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award scheme. 


The annual GAIL convention has just taken place for the third time in Aberdeen, Scotland, where more than 60 students collaborated together to explore and expand their understanding of Renewable Energy.  Great friendships were made amongst these high school students and the GAIL champions who accompanied them. There were some stunning presentations on the last day demonstrating the power of collaborative learning that had taken place.  Next year’s convention will be held at Prestige College, Pretoria, South Africa.