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Schools with European ECE Curriculum

Besides the popular Montessori method, there are a number of other European concepts.


Froebel education is based on the idea that play is not idle behavior but a biological imperative to discover how things work. Froebel education attempts to harness this impulse and focus a child's play energy on specific activities designed to lead them to create meaning from their experiences.


Piaget features a flexible lesson structure that specifically develops critical early learning skills such as oral language, listening comprehension, vocabulary, phonological awareness, print awareness, as well as mathematic skills taught on a daily basis. Group activities, learning centers, & free choice complete the program’s comprehensive approach.


Erickson focuses on the social as well as the psychological aspects of children.

Reggio Emilia

This Italian-based approach relies on four core fundamentals: the child is an active participant in learning, the importance of the school environment, the teacher, parent and child are all important stakeholders, and that learning should be visible, through documentation.


Waldorf education focuses on a role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical and artistic development in pupils. Every aspect of the Curriculum that is introduced on the each grade is based on the knowledge on how child’s inner life is unfolding on that stage.

The approach is to wait until the child is ready and wants to discover with enthusiasm. Children themselves create learning books, which allows them to appreciate their own work and remember what they learn. The Waldorf model infuses the arts with academics all the way through the pre-school and into high school.

International Schools in Shanghai withEuropean Concepts (Froebel, Piaget, Erickson, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf) Curriculum: