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Win a Swiss air purifier from Forbes Aeroguard

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Win a Swiss air purifier from Forbes Aeroguard

Chalksmart and Forbes, the manufacturer of state-of-the-art air purifiers, have teamed up to offer Chalksmart subscribers the chance to win their flagship purifier, the Aeroguard.

In China’s vast cities, the quality of the air we breathe is often not as pure as most of us would like. Heavy industry, a large amount of traffic, and use of fossil fuels all contribute to pollution that, over time, can damage our health and even worse, the health of our children.

The tiny size of some of these harmful particles means the natural filters in our bodies cannot protect us, so we need some extra help in making sure the air in our homes is as clean as it can be.

Developed in Switzerland, the Forbes Aeroguard fits neatly in any home, and it’s proven Clean Air Delivery Rate system of 99.5% makes it one of the best air purification appliances in its class.

A five-stage filter system, including a carbon filter, a UV lamp utilizing NANOPURETM technology, and an ion generator to trap charged particles, releases air back into your home that is safe for all the family to breathe.

Equipped with an LED display and sensors enable the device to adapt to current air conditions, the Aeroguard filters need changing only every 9-12 months, making this a low-maintenance product that works virtually independently.

Chalksmart and Forbes have teamed up to give away one Aeroguard – and getting your hands on the prize couldn’t be easier.

To win, just sign up to receive the Chalksmart newsletter on our homepage. Current subscribers are already registered to win. All those who sign up are eligible for an 32% discount on a new Aeroguard – the code will be contained in August and September’s newsletters, sent at the end of each month.

We’ll be choosing the winner on September 21, and will contact you directly to arrange free shipping within Shanghai.


Best of luck!

Terms and Conditions

1.     The Promotion Period is between August 16, 2016 to September 21, 2016.

2.     One winner will be chosen randomly from all Chalksmart subscribers on 21 September, 2016, through a single lucky draw.

3.     To qualify for the Lucky Draw, The winner must currently be located in Shanghai, China.

4.     Chalksmart Ltd, nor any of its employees, can be held liable for any accident, malfunction, or problems with the Prize. 

5.     Lucky Draw prizes cannot be redeemed for cash, and may not be resold.

6.     Should the Lucky Draw Winner not respond to the email notification within 5 days, a new winner shall be selected.

7.     Employees of Chalksmart Ltd are not eligible for the contest.

8.     Chalksmart Ltd reserves the right to vary the Offers and /or these Terms and Conditions and to replace, cancel or withdraw the Offers at its discretion at any time without prior notice.

In case of any dispute arising from this promotion, the decision of Chalksmart Ltd. shall be final and conclusive.